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  1961 Pine Ridge Drive S.W. Jenison, Mi. 49428

JDE experience and workforce are the Links

   JDE Concrete contractors of Grand Rapids Michigan serve the entire West Michigan area as a dominant force in concrete contracting, and concrete pumping services. Whether it's commercial, residential, agricultural, or governmental concrete contracting, we have the experience to see any project through. We can pour an immense variety of commercial and residential basement walls, flatwork, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, barn floors, and patios both decorative and stamped. Anything project your imagination could think of, JDE Concrete probably could do it. For full list, there is a services drop-down menu at the top of every page.

   JDE Concrete is stacked top to bottom with experience and vital concrete knowledge that is needed for today's fast paced construction project schedules. There is no substitute for project experience, and that is why JDE Concrete employs some of the best concrete foreman in the city. Whether it's planning and pouring intricate residential and commercial walls, or complex and detailed flatwork, the strength of each link in JDE from front office to the construction site itself lies in the highly skilled employees JDE has at its disposal.

The Beginning

   JDE Concrete Inc. of Grand Rapids Michigan, began business in 1997 by Joel Eerdmans. JDE Concrete began serving the West Michigan area primarily as a residential concrete contractor. Whether it was concrete flatwork, walls, footings, driveways, sidewalks, or patios, JDE's work ethic and quality project performance was fast becoming noticed in the Grand Rapids area. JDE Concrete soon became the areas fastest growing concrete contractor with an aggressive push to expand into every area of concrete construction such as, decorative and non- decorative retaining walls (residential or commercial), stamped concrete, agricultural flat work, and concrete coloring. All types of concrete construction was being done.

Concrete Project Experience

   Our valuable JDE flatwork foreman have amassed a combined sixty years of concrete experience, and have backgrounds in and around concrete construction for most of their careers. In addition to this, JDE wall crew foreman have compiled more than ninety years constructing and pouring some of the most intricate foundations and walls during some of the worst winters on record. During those valuable decades with JDE, our gifted foreman have trained numerous employees who are with JDE to this day using the same insights and knowledge they learned on the job. That depth gives JDE a decided advantage.

   With the inevitable busyness that comes with excellent job performance, JDE employees work late into the night most days to finish tough projects all over Michigan. Concrete construction can be one of the most physically demanding jobs anywhere. JDE crews have the physical and mental strength that is needed to get your job finished professionally and on schedule. The bottom line is .... performance.

Recent Changes

   JDE has added another new Schwing 36 meter pump boom mounted on a Kenworth concrete pump truck to its concrete pumping fleet to increase the concrete pumping dramatically.
This type of heavy equipment was needed to give our crews and customers great quality as well as the quickest project completion that can be given.

jde concrete new kenworth 36 meter concrete pump truck

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The JDE Concrete Team

Joel Eerdmans

Founder and President

   Joel still handles most of the day-to-day organizational responsibilities of running JDE Concrete. Being a hands-on individual since starting JDE, he is still heavily involved quoting projects, administrative decisions, heavy equipment purchasing, and every phase of JDE Concrete functionality.

Cary VanBronkhorst

Vice-President / Commercial Concrete Admin.

   Cary is Vice-President of JDE Concrete and the chief commercial concrete administrator, as well as the supervision of all workflow and commercial contractor interaction. Cary is also regularly onsite working alongside the flatwork concrete crews and project foreman assisting in all phases of the numerous commercial projects until completion.

Andrew Eerdmans

JDE and UIS Flatwork Supervisor

   Andrew is the residential flatwork supervisor and chief scheduler for both JDE Concrete and UIS Concrete. Andrew's responsibilities and expertise lie in the day-to-day scheduling, project quotes, project bidding, and project assistance in the field. Andrew works closely with all of the residential concrete project foreman to assist and structure individual projects. Andrew works out of the new Jenison facility.

Dan Wright

Operations and Scheduling

   Dan has been with JDE for over five years. Starting in the field as part of a flatwork crew while attending college, Dan was able to gain valuable experience in concrete construction while working for his bachelor's degree. After he graduated from GVSU, Dan was put in charge of management responsibilities at the JDE office. Today Dan's responsibilities include scheduling and operations. Dan works out of the Grandville facility.

Joel Stowie

Office Manager

   Joel has been with JDE since late 2013 giving our office more managerial depth and assistance. Since graduating Davenport University, Joel has held various managerial postions around the Grand Rapids area and has brought his numerous talents to manage the new JDE Concrete Jenison facility offices.

Ardene Eerdmans

   Ardene began working for JDE between 1998-1999 doing part-time secretarial work . As business rapidly increased, Ardene's duties multiplied from a one person office and three employees, to the 90 employee company it has become today. Her short list of responsibilities include,

  • Managing Account Receivables
  • Manage Account Payables
  • Manages all tax and accounting information
  • Manages all inter-company payroll