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What JDE Concrete can do for you

  JDE Concrete pours thousands of yards of concrete for Michigan's agricultural customers annually.  It is not uncommon for JDE to place two thousand yards of concrete at an agricultural location. Below is a short list of the projects that we have done recently. jde arrow

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Peaceful Road Farms - Shelbyville, Mi

   In the picturesque dairy farming community of Shelbyville Michigan, JDE Concrete poured a manure pit that required 2,100 yards of concrete, a large barn for milk cows, perimeter concrete flatwork, and numerous poured walls for Peaceful Road Farms. During the third week of May 2015, JDE Concrete poured another massive manure pit for Peaceful Road Farm similar to the picture above. Peaceful Road Farm knows that concrete is the best, and most durable way to construct manure pits of this size. Take a look at the photo galley below.

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jde project list items  Project Details

  Multiple JDE Concrete and UIS crews teamed together to pour this massive manure pit for Peaceful Road Farms in early 2014. The large steel meshed reinforced concrete pad was the first to be poured. Beginning at 2 a.m., crews worked nearly around the clock to compact the escavated ground and lay steel mesh preparing for the enormous concrete pad to be poured by concrete pump trucks, oftentimes pumping in tandem to complete the pad on schedule. Because this manure pit was also a wide placement project, JDE brought in an SXP laser screeder to accurately screed the concrete. The rapidity at which the SXP laser screeder can level concrete speeds the project timetable of project completion to incredible levels.
  Once the floor of this massive pit was finished, JDE and UIS crews began placing concrete on the massive sloped side walls around the entire perimeter of the pit. The pictures in the gallery will speak for themselves. This is a large example of a concrete project that we at JDE enjoy doing for our farming community.

peaceful road farms manure pit jde concrete project
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Beaver Creek Farms - Coopersville, Mi

  JDE Concrete subcontracted numerous concrete projects including hundreds of feet of poured walls, and flatwork measuring in the thousands of yards for Beaver Creek Farms. Beaver Creek Farms one of the largest dairy producers in the West Michigan area, and holds the distinction of being one of the few cow farms in Michigan to build an anaerobic digester capable of producing 1.4 Kilowatts of electricity from the methane produced from the output of manure at the farm.

jde project list items  Project Details

   JDE Concrete was responsible for constructing new milking parlors, below ground electrical and pumping systems rooms, as well as large entryways for cow entrances which included concrete poured walls and concrete flat work. By looking at the photos, you can get a general idea of the work quality involved.

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Betten Farms - Coral, Mi

  This large post frame building concrete floor was poured by JDE Concrete in 2012. Although an older project, this concrete project in Northern Montcalm County was chosen because many farmers and agricultural businesses need just such buildings for storage and large oversize equipment. Durability, cleanliness, and affordability are excellent reasons to have JDE pour your next pole frame building floor. Many smaller farms just don't have the resources to pour concrete of this size. We will quickly be in and out, and you will have that storage space you've been hoping for all of these years.

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jde project list items  Project Details

  On this particular pole frame building at Betten Farms in Coral Michigan, the high accurracy of the SXP laser screeder made by Somero was brought in to level and laser screed the entire concrete floor with laser precision. JDE Concrete incorporates this type of laser screeder because of the onboard GCS control system leveling accuracy and speed when used for "wide placement" concrete applications similar to this one. Post framed structures are a very popular option when considering cost, and the ability to erect such buildings in very little time.

somero sxp laser screeder for jde concrete

  JDE crews worked from late in the afternoon until about 2 a.m. the following morning to finish this 120 yard slab. Concrete slabs of this size are easily done by JDE because of the deep resources they have built up over the years. With its numerous concrete pump trucks and trained crews, JDE can simplify your concrete project also. Your agricultural concrete construction schedule is important to us also.

  If your farm is running out of shelter for your equipment, or you just need the extra storage, call JDE Concrete. Let us take the strain off of your busy life.

cps fertilizer storage barn in sandusky ohio

Fertilizer Barns for Crop Production Services

  JDE Concrete is concrete subcontractor to Crop Production Services to setup and pour the walls and flatwork for numerous fertilizer barns in Sandusky, and Ottawa Ohio. Each of the fertilizer barns measure approximately 7,500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq.ft. in size, and have become very important to large farms in Ohio for the storage of various types of dry fertilizers. These massive fertilizer barns are built with in-floor heat tubes running through half of the foundation floors. The foundation walls are constructed with eight and twelve inch poured walls on the perimeter, and eight inch poured walls on the interior for seperation of individual fertilizer compartments. As of early 2015, JDE Concrete has poured ten of these large fertilizer barns for Crop Production Services of Ohio and plan to do many more. JDE crews can complete one of these fertilizer storage structures in about five or six days including the concrete flatwork.

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Why Heated Concrete Storage Barn Floors?

  •   As with many fertilizers, the problem of moisture and dampness can severely reduce its shelf life. Using the concrete floor storage building with in-floor heating from JDE Concrete makes this problem a thing of the past.
  •   A fertilizer storage building with a concrete in-floor heating system also reduces the occurance of temperature extremes that is another factor that farmers are concerned about, and typical throughout the upper midwest during seasonal changes.
  •   These buildings also provide the proper amount of ventilation needed because of the volatility that is inherent in some fertilizers. This volatility lessens considerably by providing a way to keep it seperated, and cuts down on cross-contamination. Having poured concrete wall seperations does this very well.
  •   The last thing to consider is the ability of concrete to give the fertilizer a safer holding area than conventional means. Nothing will shift or move in any way.
crop production services fertilizer storage building jde concrete
Photo credit: P Roper
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Assorted Agricultural Projects

  JDE Concrete has completed so many agricultural projects that it is necessary to narrow down the projects into a few varieties that might give you some ideas for your next concrete project. JDE will work with you whether it's a small pole framed storage building, full sized barn, airport hanger, manure pit, or a large-scale agricultural construction project similar to the ones in our photo galleries. We have all the modern equipment necessary to do practically any size of poured walls or flatwork agricultural project you need done. Call us for a free quote at (616) 551-2126

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