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Family Fare Water Feature - Allendale,Mi

  If you are ever in the Allendale area, take a look at the beautiful water feature at "The Landings" shopping center near Family Fare, at the corner of Lake Michigan Dr. and 64th street. JDE Concrete's decorative concrete wall has a breathtaking effect on the whole corner. Large concrete walls nearly six feet in height with a textured stone pattern was constructed with a beautiful waterfall cascading in front of it. The colorful red toned stamped concrete sidewalks enhance the eye-catching nature of the project. With the included landscaping, the waterfall adds an awe effect to the entire area. Below are links to view the water feature being constructed

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Fremont Market Place - Fremont, Mi

  The huge pavilion and all of the surrounding concrete decorative walls of this project were done to give the people of Fremont Michigan a central farmers market environment to sell produce, plants, and bakery goods among a miriad of other goods, every Saturday in the summer months. It featured numerous decorative columns, concrete stairs, and decorative walls surrounding the perimeter of the Fremont Market Place. The attractive addition of the Market Place to the Fremont area was greatly welcomed by the people of Fremont. You can see for yourself by clicking one of the links below to view the photo gallery.

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Backyard Patio and Walls - Cascade, Mi

  This JDE Concrete decorative wall project in Cascade Michigan was a finely designed patio/decorative retainment wall in a very picturesque backyard setting. Blending the project with the surroundings was a simple task considering the flexibility that concrete has with an area like this. JDE can do a full assortment of projects similar to this one in your own backyard project. Give JDE Concrete a call for your free quote (616) 551-2126

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Backyard Privacy Walls - Lake Odessa, Mi

   This decorative wall was poured for the dual purpose of a very durable and aesthetic pleasing backyard perimeter wall as well as a privacy structure. The solidity of simulated stone concrete structure makes for excellent security for the family, especially the children. These walls finished out at around four feet in height and blend extremely well with the backyard and pond areas. The walls can also be colored at a later date if the homeowner chooses to. Take a look at the photos to get an idea of how well a poured decorative wall can look in your backyard or commercial site.

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