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Winsfield Estates - Cascade, Mi

  Built on a gorgeous 2.5 acre property in Winsfield Estates near the beautiful Thornapple River in Cascade Township, this unique 9,600 square foot mansion was the site of a wide array of JDE Concrete residential concrete projects which entailed an assortment of specialty concrete applications not found on similar residential home sites.

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One of the unique heavy duty contractor specifications required JDE crews to construct a rebar grid system one foot on center, which creates a grid-like pattern typically used on parking areas for semis and large trucks. The concrete used was also of a special mixture used specifically for this project. JDE Concrete crews constructed and poured the entire entryway, circular driveway, and access driveway to backyard storage and parking area buildings. JDE Concrete crews also poured all of the flatwork concrete for two large european style out-buildings, and constructed a six foot high privacy wall which surrounded the entire perimeter of the back yard and swimming pool area of the property. The picture gallery from this one-of-a-kind european style residential concrete project are below.

Take time to look at the photo in the gallery, and see what JDE Concrete can do for you.

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Manchester Hills - Cascade, Mi

  Manchester Hills is a premier luxury housing development in Cascade Township just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan in the Forest Hills area. With homes ranging in the millions of dollars, it is a highly desirable area full of custom homes designed by some of the best architects in the area, and built by many of the best builders in the area. JDE Concrete has been involved in the construction of many of the concrete footing, foundations, and much of the flatwork concrete at numerous residential building sites at Manchester Hills.

  This massive 4,200 sq.ft. home is an excellent example of JDE's versatility and concrete project experience no matter the size of the project. This beautiful custom made home, built by Shultz Builders, is an excellent example of the quality you can expect when JDE Concrete is sub-contracted.

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  JDE Concrete crews constructed and poured all concrete footings, foundation, garage bays, sidewalks, walkways, entries, porches, driveways, and concrete pool areas. The basement foundation walls were all rebar re-inforced for additional structural strength for this large residential structure. One of the components of this unique home was the addition of in-floor heating in the basement floor and garage bays.

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Sessions Pointe - Standale, Mi

  Sessions Pointe is a new upscale residential development located on the West side of Standale Michigan just a short distance from Grand Rapids and Grandville. This rapidly growing community on M-45 has become a popular West Michigan town with a distinctive neighborhood feel that has been part of this community for decades.Unique to this tasefully done development are the spacious lots on which these beautiful homes are built.Surrounded by wooded areas that encompass the perimeter of Sessions Pointe, it's easy to see why Sessions Pointe has become such a popular housing community.

  From the first house constructed, JDE Concrete has been involved in every concrete foundation poured at Sessions Point to date. So far JDE Concrete has been the sole residential concrete sub-contractor entrusted to do all of the poured walls at this upper-class development. Top quality is demanded at Sessions Pointe, and JDE has performed every time with quality and quick project completion. The proof of this can easily be seen by viewing the project galleries.

  When contractors prefer and rely on the skills that JDE foremen and crews possess, shouldn't you?

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Railside Estates - Byron Center, Mi

  JDE Concrete has done numerous concrete projects in the gorgeous upscale residential development / golfing community of Railside Estates in Byron Center Michigan. Railside Estates, with its Jerry Mathews designed 18 hole golf course as the centerpiece, is a well designed upper class community that was established in 1991, became member owned in 1999, and then privately owned in 2009. Railside has steadily grown in size every year since it began. Drawn by location, schools, and the love of golf, Railside Estates homeowners are enamoured by its expansive lots and quality custom homes.

  The home that is pictured above was the site of a JDE concrete project during the Christmas week of 2012. This huge custom designed home featured sixteen foot high walls on one side of the home for indoor basketball, radiused foundation walls, and numerous custom wall elevations.

  JDE Concrete has built a strong working relationship with many local contractors who build custom homes at Railside Estates and seek experience as well as cost advantages when considering building a unique home for their clients. Our crews can handle anything that comes their way.

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Creston Plaza Redevelopment - Grand Rapids, Mi

  JDE Concrete currently has an extensive ongoing set of concrete projects for the Grand Rapids Housing Commission called the "Creston Plaza Apartments Redevelopment" near Lafayette and Barnett Streets on Grand Rapids' Northeast side. The Creston Plaza Apartments Redevelopment is a $23.5 million dollar neighborhood revitalization progran that will eventually have one hundred rental units available for low and lower middle income families. The GRHC would like to improve the living conditions and quality of life for many inner city families that are currently in need of housing, and those who lived there before demolition. So far, JDE Concrete has finished extensive concrete work on fifteen of these beautiful single family homes, and are slated to begin pouring foundations for numerous other duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses until project completion. For more details regarding housing at the Creston Plaza location, you can go to their website here 

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jde project list items  Project Details

  • Foundations / Walls and Flatwork
  • Front Porches
  • Rear porch exits
  • Sidewalks
  • Approaches
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  As of February 2015, JDE Concrete crews have poured and finished 14 single family homes on Barnett Street and one of the large duplexes on Lafayette Street. These three and four bedroom homes measure about 1200 sq.ft. in size, and will come with the latest energy efficient appliances. As seen in the photo gallery, these stand-alone, well built homes are a massive improvement to the entire area.   JDE will be working hard throughout 2015 to complete this much needed project.
  Below is a view of some of the homes near completion.

creston plaza apartments and houses
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Assorted Residential Concrete Projects

  JDE Concrete serves residential contractors and home owners with the same project quality regardless of how large or small the concrete project happens to be. We serve the entire West Michigan area and many of the outlying counties as well. Our customers insist on the quality and collective job performance JDE Concrete has given them over the years, and will continue to give our best to each and every project we undertake. The picture galleries we have included show a wide variety of concrete projects over the last couple of years. Whether poured walls, concrete driveways, pole barns, sidewalks, patios, basketball courts, or flatwork of any kind, all of them can be seen by clicking on the buttons below. This category has the most images representative of the huge variety of concrete projects that can be done for you.

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