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ABC Stone and Tile Services

   ABC Stone & Tile can play an important part in the longevity, strength, and durability of your foundation walls and footings. When it comes to installing the washed gravel (stone) and drain tile around the foundation of a new and existing foundations, ABC Stone and Tile knows by experience everything that is necessary to give your home the best drainage possible to keep your basement walls away from moisture. Aided by multiple stone slingers, ABC is capable of delivering up to 15 yards of washed stone in a single load, and have the ability to accurately place ther gravel material where it is needed most thanks to a built-in conveyor belt system and extension booms. Along with quality equipment, ABC employs knowledgeable foremen and crew with over 16 year’s experience capable of tackling large or small residential projects.


Advantages of Stone and Tile / Waterproofing

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  • Drain tile systems are vital for transporting ground water away from your footings and basement walls.
  • Since concrete soaks up water, it is important to keep the moisture away from it by providing a spray-on waterproofing layer and stone and tile in combination. Doubling the protection of your valuable foundation.
  • The asphalt / rubberized waterproofing mixture used by ABC Stone and Tile is applied before stone and tile, and provides a more flexible layer to the poured walls. This waterproof layer is much more flexible than previous methods of the past.
  • Because water will naturally flow towards your foundation, stone and tile/waterproofing gives that added protection for decades after installation.
  • After a foundation is backfilled, the soil itself contains a vast amount of air. When stone and tile is installed, the water that will accumulate over the next months is quickly exited by the sone and tile away from your foundation.