In the construction industry, time is money. At JDE Concrete Pumping, we understand that delays can significantly impact your project’s budget and timeline. That’s why we offer affordable and reliable concrete pumping services in Michigan, designed to expedite your concrete pouring process without sacrificing quality or safety.

Extensive Pump Selection

Our substantial investment in a diverse fleet of concrete pumps ensures we have the right equipment for your specific needs. Whether you require a line pump for tight spaces, a versatile boom pump for extensive reach, or a conveyor truck for continuous material flow, JDE Concrete Pumping in Michigan has you covered. We offer concrete placement for various projects, providing options for both residential and commercial concrete pumping.

Check Our Pumping Fleet

Experienced Professionals

Our team of skilled and certified pump operators in Michigan are experts in maximizing efficiency and ensuring safe, controlled concrete placement. They’ll work closely with you to understand your project requirements and recommend the most suitable pump for the job.

The JDE Concrete Pumping Difference

Faster Project Completion

Our contractors are experts in constructing sturdy and reliable concrete foundations and footings to support even the most demanding commercial structures.

Improved Safety

We can handle the concrete slab construction for your warehouses, factories, retail spaces, and any other commercial property requiring a solid, level concrete floor.

Precise Placement

JDE Concrete builds functional and aesthetically pleasing concrete retaining walls to manage land grading, prevent erosion, and create usable space on your property.

Pump Variety

Our services include concrete paving for parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, and any other exterior concrete surfaces needed for your commercial space.

Quality Concrete

We construct curbs and gutters to channel water runoff and enhance the overall drainage of your commercial property.

Skilled Operators

JDE Concrete can add a touch of style to your commercial space with stamped concrete, polished concrete, and other decorative finishes.

For reliable concrete pumping in Michigan, JDE Concrete Pumping is your go-to choice. Explore our fleet and services today to see how we can help with your next construction project!


Streamlined And Efficient Work 
Faster Project Completion
Improved Safety
Precise Placement
Pump Variety
Quality Concrete
Skilled Operators



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