Don’t let winter slow you down. Successfully complete your concrete projects with JDE Concrete’s ground heater rentals and flameless heater rentals. We understand the challenges of Michigan winters, and our comprehensive rental services will help you keep your construction projects on track all year round.

Beat the Freeze with Ground Heater Rentals

Thaw Frozen Ground

Don’t let winter slow down your concrete work. Our powerful ground heater rentals are designed to efficiently thaw frozen ground, allowing you to pour concrete even in the coldest months.

Large Coverage Area

Each heater can tackle projects of various sizes, effectively thawing 3,000-6,000 square feet at a time.

Flexible Rental Options

Rent our portable ground heater for as long as you need to complete your
project, ensuring a smooth and efficient concrete pouring process.

Delivery and Setup

Our experienced team delivers and sets up the jobsite heating rentals directly at your job site, saving you valuable time and effort.

Convenient Pick-Up Option

If you prefer, you can also pick up the ground heaters from our office at your convenience.

Maintain Warmth with Flameless Heater Rentals

Ideal for Various Applications

Our flameless heater rental options provide a safe and reliable source of heat for both residential and commercial construction sites.

Consistent Warmth

These heaters efficiently keep the interiors of your projects warm, ensuring comfortable working conditions during the winter months.

Powerful Performance

Each flameless heater comes equipped with a robust 15 HP blower and dual 110-gallon fuel tanks, ensuring efficient and long-lasting operation.

Adjustable Heat Setting

Choose from three heat settings (120, 200, and 280 degrees) to maintain the desired temperature for your specific needs.

Don’t compromise your construction schedule due to winter weather. Contact JDE Concrete today to learn more about our ground heater rentals and flameless heater rentals. We’ll help you keep your projects on track, regardless of the season.



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